2023 Artist Submission

The 2023 Wirral Open Studio Tour will take place over the weekend of 10th-11th June. Applications are invited from Wirral based professional/semi-professional visual artists in any discipline.

Before you start

Please download and read through the 2023 terms and conditions and the image submission guidelines.

Read through the form to make sure you have all the information you need to complete it, including the required images. You are advised to save your images onto the device you are using before starting rather than trying to upload them to the form direct from the cloud.

If, after reading through the submission guidelines, the image guidelines and the form, you are unclear about anything or have questions then please email us at mail@wirralarts.com.

Please ensure that the statements you submit for use in the brochure and on the website are free from spelling mistakes and typographical errors and are written in sentence case with capital letters and punctuation. We strongly recommend that you type your text into a word processor first to check the spelling and grammar and then copy it rather than typing directly into the form that way if there is a problem uploading your form it will be easy to fill it out again. However you choose to complete the form please take the time to proof read it before submitting.

Before you submit your application it is very important that you add our email addresses mail@wirralarts.com and wirralopenstudiotour@gmail.com to your address book, contact list or ‘safe senders’ list to prevent our replies to you going into your spam folder.

The deadline for submission of your application is Sunday 29th January.

Application Form

    Your Contact Details

    About your Studio

    I would like to exhibit:

    Would you like to open your studio for the optional Friday evening opening hours on Friday 9th June from 6pm to 9pm?

    We have a number of artists without their own studios. Could you give space to another artist?
    (see submission guidelines for more information - please do not answer 'yes' here if you have already offered the space to another artist.)

    About your work

    Please select one category which best describes your practice: I am a...

    and also (ONLY if applicable to your main art practice; please tick no more than TWO more categories):

    NOTE:Most artists take photographs as part of their process; please do NOT tick 'photographer' unless photography is your main medium. Similarly many 3D artists create jewellery; please do NOT tick 'jeweller' unless FINE JEWELLERY is a substantial part of your practice.
    Please include images to support ALL your selected categories with your application.


    Please ensure you abide by the image requirements laid out in the guidelines.
    Image files must be labelled with your name and the title of the piece of work.
    Images must be a minimum of 1500px wide.
    Maximum image file size 3MB.
    All images must be clear and in focus. Artwork photographs must not have cluttered backgrounds; light backgrounds are preferred. To avoid reflections and glare, 2D artwork should not be photographed framed under glass.

    Please upload 3 images of recently completed work (required)

    Please upload 1 process image – of you at work, or just your hands if you’re camera shy, or your tools or work in progress etc. (required)

    If applicable, please upload 1 image of your studio – either outside to help people find it or inside to entice people to visit. This will be used in a separate venue listing section on the website.

    Artist Statements

    And Finally...

    Please note: we use mailing list software to contact the artists applying to the tour. You can unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to be involved in this or future tours.

    If I am selected to take part:

    Click the 'SEND' button below to submit your form and WAIT for the confirmation message which will appear below the SEND button (make sure you scroll down to see it).
    Sending the form may take a couple of minutes while the images upload so please be patient.
    If you get an error message you should not need to start again, just scroll back up through the form to correct the errors and re-submit. Do check the whole form in case there is more than one error.

    You will receive an automatic email with a copy of the information you have submitted; please check this and get in touch if you need to change anything. If you don't receive this email check your spam folder and if it's still nowhere to be found please contact us.

    We will also email you to acknowledge receipt of your application.
    If you have not received a confirmation email from us within 48 hours please get in touch.

    Thank you for your application!