Angela Stringer

I work with natural colour in the form of dyes and locally sourced pigments applied to silk fabrics. These pieces are then embellished in ways that are reminiscent of patterns and textures found in nature with a variety of techniques incorporating lace applique, beading and embroidery, with a focus on surface design. Exploring ideas of belonging, I am interested in creating work that is rooted in place by means of gathered earth, rocks and plant matter which I then process into dyes and paint.

As well as my textile work I am developing my painting practice creating pigments from my dyes; this allows me to have a consistency in the colour palette throughout the two bodies of work. The process of creating my own paint and painting materials is a project in itself and an ongoing exploration.

I am currently working on a series of pieces for local exhibitions investigating site specific materials  exploring themes of connection and local colour.

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