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Anjo Designs

    John Hinchcliffe

    Drawing my inspiration from traditional and decorative chain maille weaves, I use these techniques to create jewellery that reflects the past with a modern twist.

    Working with a variety of metals, which include both precious and non precious metals, I make by hand, one-off or limited edition statement pieces for both women and men, to a very high standard of workmanship.
    In addition to metal jewellery I will also be showing a new range of woven jewellery based on knots using paracord and satin cord.

    I have several galleries and shops that regularly commission me to make collections of my jewellery for them including the Royal Armouries Museum Leeds, At Work Gallery London and Editions Framing Liverpool.

    I will be bringing my popup studio to Melrose Hall, Hoylake and alongside my jewellery I will be demonstrating how I make the different chainmaille weaves together with examples of the metals I use.

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