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Anjo Designs

    John Hinchcliffe

    Drawing my inspiration from traditional and decorative chain maille weaves, I use these techniques to create jewellery that reflects the past with a modern twist.

    Working with a variety of metals including both precious and non-precious metals, I make, by hand, one-off or limited edition statement pieces to a very high standard of workmanship for both women and men.

    I have several galleries and shops that regularly commission me to make collections of my jewellery for them including the Royal Armouries Museum Leeds, At Work Gallery London. In September 2022 I was commissioned by the British Museum to make a collection of jewellery for the new ‘Legion’ exhibition’s retail shop.

    I will be bringing my popup studio to Melrose Hall, Hoylake and alongside my jewellery I will be demonstrating how I make the different chain maille weaves together with examples of the metals I use.

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