Anna-Maie Southern

Having completed a BA in traditional woven textile design, I have started to break away from the commercial, more structured side of woven design, and begun to explore weaving as a tool to create art. I am inspired by the Japanese SAORI philosophy of weaving as a form of self-expression, open to people of all ages and abilities. The SAORI method treats weaving as a form of meditation, weaving mindfully with no preconceptions, embracing flaws and imperfections as an act of creativity.

My work is extremely varied, as I mostly improvise while I weave – letting the piece take its own course. This results in a wonderful variation of colours, textures, and mark making styles.

The main concept that I try to follow throughout all my work is a disregard for perfection. My work is organic and I create in a free and expressive style which allows me the freedom to make fabric which is flawed and creative and beautiful.

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