Bill Fletcher

In 2015 I graduated from Chester University with a BA in Fine Art, having studied at Wirral Metropolitan College. Having retired from a professional career in accountancy and finance I was a very mature student.

Though I started the course as a painter I soon realised that I had an affinity with 3D materials. I now almost exclusively work as a sculptor, generally working with wood, sometimes combined with ‘soft’ metals such as copper and lead. I have also introduced more recently wall hung art using ‘low relief’ utilising both card and sheet metal.

My work is generally abstract but my references are the landscape. Most of the materials I use are ‘found’. Much of my work uses materials from building sites, items that are seen as waste and would otherwise be put into skips for landfill. I like to try and ‘return’ them to the landscape from where they originally came by creating work which is inspired by our surroundings.