Breda Whyte

My work is rooted in my lived experience and how I view the world. Brought up in Co. Dublin during the 1960’s and ‘70’s I believe my background has helped to stimulate my curiosity in history, nature and the human condition. Art that depicts these aspects of life have always fuelled my imagination and it is perhaps the art of the German Expressionists have had the most profound influence on my emotional and creative practice.

My work spans a range of methods, such as sculpture, and I love to experiment with new materials from oil to coffee. Lately, I have been developing my work in oil painting and still life.

I also often explore current political and social issues through the lens of my Irish culture, heritage and history, and find inspiration from the works of great artists such as Paul Nash, Jack B Yeats and others   on the cusp of periods of great uncertainty and instability.

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