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Brian Ewart

    I have been sketching and painting from an early age and have found art to be a continuous source of inspiration and fulfilment. I enjoy tackling a range of artistic endeavours including landscapes portraits and still lifes, and these three areas constitute the bulk of my work.  My area of great interest is abstract art.

    I use a fairly wide repertoire of media, but my preferred medium is oil paint, which is great for making bold definitive visual statements, but can be used in more subtle renditions of ‘atmospheric’ or more abstract creativity. Pastels also have a place in my work and to me possess a special quality for depicting highlights, seeming to emit a radiance of colour which is difficult to capture with other media. I also enjoy experimenting with mixed media in my work which often produces unusual and unexpected results!

    I have exhibited in several Liverpool galleries over the years (some of them sadly no longer here) – The Hanover Gallery, The Art Factory, Bold Street, Philharmonic Hall and The Quarter.

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