Camilla Joynson

In my latest series of sewn mixed-media collages I am celebrating the Wirral coastline.

My work is heavily influenced by the qualities of print-making, graphic design, film and photography. The bringing together, layering and meticulous arrangement of materials to form a whole image or body of work is particularly appealing to me. I combine this with working instinctively, with hand-torn, patterned, colour-washed and found pieces of paper, using free sewing techniques to bring out smaller details in the image, such as the movement of tidal contours. I love the process of editing as I go with the reward that comes as each piece falls into place.

My artwork aims to capture the flashes of light, tidal compositions and ever-changing colour palette of the  River Dee’s shoreline and beyond. With paper collage and free sewing, each image looks to convey the tidal contours of the land, against the movement of light at the water’s edge.

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