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Carol Emmas

    My work is mixed-media across a variety of different mediums, including painting and photographic processes. Never liking to keep still in my subject matter, the underlying theme of the work is to explore our fleeting emotional responses to nature. I attempt to capture moments in time that we can all relate to – whether it’s a fresh spring morning outdoors, the waters of the Ionian or a dark moody winter walk. To me, it’s all about the outdoors and how the simplest of moments can resonate.

    I work and show from my home studio, Kent St Studio, which can be visited by appointment throughout the year. I open for Oxton Secret Gardens, Wirral Open Studios and Oxton Open Open Studios. I am also a longterm member of Oxton Artists and exhibit annually at the Williamson Art Gallery at the Oxton Art Fair. I have had previous exhibitions in other galleries and held exhibitions at Kent St Studio for other artists.

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