Chrissie Smith

Whilst trying unsuccessfully to sketch from a moving safari truck, elephants came down to the river to bathe. At that moment a voice in my head said, ‘How many lines does it take to draw an elephant ?‘. Frankly astonished, I looked at the elephant ahead and drew one curving line and there it was, with two more lines this elephant was sufficiently recorded to show movement and attitude.

Ongoing work, fusing Bullseye glass, is aimed at achieving this “Eureka” moment by abstracting the colour and line of the wildlife that inspires me. Acrylic and pastel paintings are intermediate steps.

Since qualifying for an Applied Art degree, my glass paintings have been entered into Wildlife Art and Animal Artists Exhibitions. I won the Pollyanna Pickering Living World Award for Artistic Excellence 2019, which has challenged me to take up a telescope and make closer studies of our local birdlife.

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