Clare Shaughnessy

Born in Wirral in 1963, Clare’s status in the top tier of the wildlife art genre is long established. She is in heavy demand from galleries wanting to exhibit her work both in her home on the Wirral and in the USA where she spends part of the year. She has exhibited each year at the National exhibition of wildlife art and has been nominated three times for wildlife artist of the year.

Clare’s work captures animals at times of solitude, when the animals are at ease and there is a gentleness or a vulnerability about them. She executes her paintings in a number of different media, oils, acrylics, watercolour but especially in coloured pencil. Her paintings capture the inner nature of the subject she paints whether it is a brooding large cat or a tiny garden wren and her particular style makes the onlooker feel as though you can reach out and run your fingers through the fur of the animal she has painted.

Clare’s aim is to make the viewer see and feel the emotion she feels when she is painting.