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Clare Shaughnessy

    My aim when I work is to take paper and some colour and create an emotion.

    As a child I was a wild thing. Seventh of eight children to a widowed mum, I spent much of my time unsupervised and roaming the jungles and savannas of my urban back garden. I was always being a cougar or a wolf or, maybe, girl Tarzan. Back home I drew what I saw on the backs of old wallpaper sample books that my mum somehow got hold of for us.

    Little has changed, I don’t climb so many trees and my equipment is much better, but watching and drawing wildlife is still the centre of my life. My subjects are not the most exotic or the unusual. They are the everyday, but precious just the same. They are the gorgeous little jewels which flit through the trees when we walk in the park or come down to visit our garden bird feeders. They are all the more beautiful because we feel a direct connection to them