Fiona Haines

Wise Fig Jewellery

I have been making jewellery for about 3 years, and am now fortunate to be able to sell to a wider audience. My jewellery skills are largely self-taught, with the addition of various short courses along the way. I have found my skills as an eye surgeon (from the other part of my life!) have many similarities to those I am acquiring as a jeweller, giving me the precision, patience and attention to detail that is essential in the creation of fine jewellery.

I find inspiration for my designs in many places. I am fascinated by the way adding texture to precious metal can transform its appearance, and as a student of Gemmology the variety and character of the amazing gemstones produced by nature never ceases to amaze me. I aspire to do these wonderful stones justice when using them as centrepieces in my showstopper creations.

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