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Fiona Hardman

    I make carvings and outdoor sculptures using only recycled and reclaimed wood, giving second life to abandoned materials, often found on the beach or from a felled tree. Designs are led by the shape of the wood itself, seeing what emerges, letting the soul of the wood speak to me. Leaves, feathers, sand ripples, spirals and forms evoking mythical, legendary figures appear magically. Green men, goddesses, angels and faeries form part of my repertoire. I often work to commission, to create a carving to honour the life of someone who has passed, or to celebrate a new life or birthday.

    In contrast to the hardness of the wood I enjoy working with the softness of wool. I create a range of hand felted accessories including scarves, hats, brooches and booties and a range of needle felted Nordic mountain men for home decoration.

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