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Gaynor Davies

    My artworks are a blend of photography and digital art, resulting in a part-real and part-imagined landscape.
    Inspired by my passion for colour and mood, my work brings together my love of the outdoors with my desire to create something imagined.

    At the photography stage, I can be found outdoors in nature, using a range of in-camera techniques, such as multiple exposures and intentional camera movement, to make an interpretation of the scene rather than to depict it. Sometimes, I will then take the photographs into the digital darkroom and, using a range of brushes and other tools, create an other-worldly scene that I have visualised.

    I am an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and last year I won the Photography Prize at the Williamson Open for ‘Paintworks’. My second submission, ‘Oh, MG!’ was Highly Commended.

    New projects include abstracts entitled ‘Rainshowers’ and multiple-mounted photos called ‘Lake Pantones’.

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