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HeB Designs

    Helen Brown

    A freelance artist and illustrator since 2011. I have always had a strong love of the drawn line, and of shape, form and pattern. An early education in art and design, textiles and my degree in graphic design cemented this leading to a strong linear presence in my work. My love of nature, the Wirral countryside and the decorative arts also informs my observations. As does my other job as a dog walker, the wonder of what one sees every day on the Wirral.

    My artistic observations and stories comprise of a combination of strong graphic elements, pattern and shape through mixed media techniques including collage, watercolour explorations, painting, drawing, typography and mark making. Subject matters include landscapes and earth, birds and animals (including dogs), home, family, sentiments, and positive affirmations. I sell original art, prints, cards and decorative items for the home.

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