Helon Conning

As an artist my main goal is to encourage and support all within the community to find their innate creativity and to embrace the peaceful ‘in the moment’ experience, using a spontaneous, instinctive & experimental approach through movement, mark making, sculpture, print, performance, collaborations…

  • ‘Create, Move, Play’ @ JoyLab Retreat on 2-4 August 2019 in collaboration with Jacqueline McCormick – Dance About Director 07359 314858 | danceaboutco@gmail.com | @cosmically_random
  • Facilitated a ‘Collaboradoodle’ for students & staff at Wirral Met College throughout Nov 2018 and for the Williamson Art Gallery 90th Anniversary celebrations in Dec 2018.
  • Currently in my 2nd year at Wirral Met College BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree focusing on all of the limitless creative possibilities of beautiful human expression and chance.

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