Janet Holmes

Janet Holmes is a sculptural ceramicist whose work is deeply rooted in a respect for the clay’s natural economy, incorporating textures that suggest intimate and sensuous curves.

Janet has exhibited her work in many galleries in the North West and also run pottery workshops and taster sessions.

In 2012 she opened the Rathbone Studio in Birkenhead, which was part of the iconic Della Robbia Pottery (1894–1906) and is now her pottery studio and gallery. The ethos behind the Della Robbia Pottery was to bring individuality to each piece produced; allowing the artist to express and create unique and original designed ceramic work. Janet aims to bring back the zeitgeist spirit of the Della Robbia Pottery to Birkenhead.

The decidedly individual and unique sculptural ceramic created at the Rathbone Studio has an unpretentious organic element, showing Janet’s love of her art and reflecting her highly personal approach to pottery.

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