Jessica Knox

My art pieces are of animal portraits it their true natural form. In the past pieces, I have used animals that are well known and are highly loved amongst people such as elephants, whales and horses. Recently though I have wanted to portray more endangered species such as the komodo dragon and manatee. The less popular animals that, I feel, deserve to be admired just as much, and perhaps more importantly. I love creating pieces that illustrate the delicate balance of nature.

Conservation is another passion of mine, and where a great deal of inspiration for my work comes from. It inspires me to want to create a portrait of a shark, for example, that is fierce, but also elegant. To create an opportunity for someone to look at it and see it as a terrifying animal that is to be fascinated by, not feared.

Oil paint is my favourite as I can make the portraits with this effect. It’s also really easy, I find, to work with. I love putting a lot of detail into my work. Flawed lines and blemishes are what make an individual unique and beautiful. This is exactly how I want people to see my recent collection, and what I look forward to presenting at this year’s studio tour.