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Jo Williams

    I am a potter living in New Brighton and I have been making pots for 35 years. I currently show my work in a number of galleries including the Bluecoat Display Centre in Liverpool.

    My ceramics are made from white earthenware and are almost exclusively thrown. The surfaces of my pots are unglazed but are scuffed while leather hard to create a velvety surface. I use cobalt oxide to create the deep, inky blue dots and glaze the inside with a contrasting colour.

    I make bottles and rounded shapes most often perhaps because of their representation of the human form. The surface texture also encourages viewers to touch them. The colour of the oxide deepens and bleeds slightly in the kiln, softening the edges. Often the oxide gives a slight metallic sheen which contrasts with the scuffed unglazed surface.

    I’ll never stop making ceramics because I feel so connected to the material and am in awe of what that material can be persuaded to do.

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