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Jude Gill

    Ceramic Organic

    My work is responsive, a dialogue between clay and the found objects I bring to my studio space. Anything intricate and highly detailed fascinates me; the patterns of honeycomb or mushroom gills and the gaps between them, the inside of a root structure or shell, transient forms and inaccessible spaces.

    Displaying objects removed from their original surroundings enables different viewpoints and new visual connections. I mostly work with porcelain creating ceramic records of my ever growing collection. New conversations open up between found and made, continually informing practice.

    When something isn’t immediately referential it forces the viewer to pause, to try and work it out. None of my work carries any overriding political or social message; it’s purely about wonder, about looking and questioning. In a fast paced world of push button instant gratification there is great delight in quiet stillness, curiosity and contemplation.

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