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June Shapter

    Being born in the ’50s in a Lancashire Mill Town, I was raised with a make do and mend approach to life. I’ve always been good at making something out of nothing; it feels like a true test of creativity in action. This, more than anything, helps me to stay artistically grounded and it still feels important to me to challenge the artistic ‘elitism’ that so often serves to create distance, making art seem irrelevant to many.

    I choose to work with the most basic materials and found objects which, for me, speak to a down to earth aesthetic which is surprising, accessible and relatable. There’s nothing precious about the materials I choose to work with, but they demonstrate the magic of turning trash into treasure.

    Always more drawn to seeing ‘the hand of the artist’ over technical precision, I love it when I find something I want to touch, turn and feel what the artist felt in a deeply personal moment of creation. This is what I seek to create, especially in my 3D collages. They are both visually exciting and immensely tactile.

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