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Landlines Studio

    Angela Stringer & Nicky Perrin

    Through the marrying of their individual creative practices, textile artist, Angela Stringer, and abstract artist, Nicky Perrin, create mixed media artworks which are grounded in place, thanks to their collective use of natural earth pigments and botanical dyes.

    Being drawn to varied locations from coast to country, they gather raw materials such as rocks, soil, clay and botanical matter, which they hand process into fine pigments, natural dyes and paint, combining contemporary art practice with traditional techniques.
    Harnessing these earth colours, they create site specific abstract work through their opposing individual processes; slow/immediate, calm/wild and a contrast in materials; canvas/silk, natural/synthetic. Through the juxtaposition of their personal artistic styles, it is in the physical act of stitching their panels together that they establish unity and connection having worked from a common origin.

    Weaving in the stories of a place, acknowledging its history and significance, their work is a conversation with the land, the past, the seasons and each other.