Linda Mary Evans

I am a Wirral based contemporary painter and felt maker.

My work is neither abstract nor realistic; I merely want to capture the atmosphere and emotion of my chosen subject. For my paintings I work mainly with acrylics; a medium I find very versatile.

During 2017 I was involved in various projects and exhibitions which saw my work evolve in different directions. I was part of the ‘Any Frontier, any Hemisphere’ exhibition, held in both the Liverpool Central Library and St Brides Church, Liverpool. The exhibition related to the horrors of the refugee crisis. Taking part was a real challenge; I wanted to depict the terror and fear the refugees, especially the children, face daily, but also to show hope. This work together with my Contemporary Welsh landscapes will be part of my work on display in the Rathbone Studio/Gallery.

I hold weekly art classes at the Rathbone Studio/Gallery.

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