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Ling Warlow

    Paper by Dragonfly

    I am always amazed that a simple, wayside plant growing from a single seed may in fact require hundreds of hand cut pieces and take weeks to recreate. Through this painstaking process I hope to inspire a sense of awe and wonder in the viewer, and in turn encourage a sense of connection with our natural environment.

    My creative practice encompasses natural colour, which I have come to through personal experience of eco-anxiety, inspiring a desire to minimise my impact. Devoted to creating sculptural representations of plants and wildflowers, particularly of the hedgerows and woodland, I seek to elevate the mundane. Predominantly working with paper I also experiment with found materials, wool and wood. Using naturally dyed papers, I want to highlight the extraordinary beauty and detail of nature, and constantly experiment to create an extensive range capable of representing different layers of plant matter  – many different shades of green!

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