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Lonn Landis

    Ceramics made on the Wirral and made of the Wirral.

    I’m a passionate experimenter – fascinated with creating my own clays and glazes that incorporate foraged materials from around the Wirral and North Wales.

    The clay mix I have developed includes clay foraged from within 5 miles of my studio which not only gives it local interest, but also improves its colour and physical properties. I also create all my own glazes from scratch, which also use locally foraged materials such as mussel shells from Red Rocks beach and rocks from North Wales.  The results are the wonderfully rich, colourful, tactile and sometimes drippy glazes that adorn my work.  And it quite literally connects each piece to our wonderful little corner of the world!

    And beyond all this experimenting, I try to create beautiful, simple and functional pieces that would look great in any setting.

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