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Lonn Landis

    Hands, heat and heart – the most important tools used in creating my ceramics!

    All my pieces are one offs. I got into ceramics for the creativity, so I enjoy exploring forms and shapes rather than making loads of the same pieces time and time again. I start with a rough idea of a form, but then let the clay and my imagination take me where they want to go. It’s a wonderful ‘in the moment’ wander.

    I take particular pride in developing my own glazes from scratch. Raw materials such as quartz, flint, feldspars, and metal oxides are used to create recipes which are tested and refined over many firings. The results are the wonderfully rich, colourful, tactile and sometimes drippy glazes that adorn my work. Some of my glazes even feature ingredients foraged from the local area including mussel shells collected from Hoylake beach!

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