Louise Flood

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fashion/Textiles with Business Studies and completing her masters in Textiles, Lou went on to work for a major high street retailer before moving to the Wirral and eventually taking up painting.

When she began painting Lou used still life and original photographs, but recently moved to allowing her work to emerge from the canvas.  One of her main themes at present is fantasy! She is an avid reader of this type of genre and many of these stories have roots in myth, legend and folklore; this is what she ‘finds’ within her paintings.  By building up abstract layers of paint, she will then seek out imagery within the layers to exaggerate/draw upon. She has an anything goes approach to her art and always works straight on the canvas rather than use sketch books.  This allows her to develop her ideas within each layer adding to the progression of the final piece.

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