Lynne Oldham

I am a local textile artist/maker. I studied and gained a degree then an MA in textiles and embroidery. My work is varied and has many influences, and having lived in Europe, South America and China, very much inspired by folk art and naive painters. All work, whether knitted, embroidered or painted, tends to involve humour and a simplistic charm.

Recently during long lonely periods of Covid lockdown, I spent many hours in my garden. Here I became fascinated by other worlds, miniature worlds going on around me. Worlds that seemed unaffected by Covid. Able to lose myself watching insects I began to recreate these miniature ‘heavens’.

My work is always immediate. I work directly on to the calico spontaneously. My intention is not to paint and embroider a world that is perfectly anatomically correct. My intention is to bring a feeling of light /sunshine. A tiny happy world playing out alongside ours.

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