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MAAP Studio

    I call my works elementary materials, transformed particles that take shape thanks to the art of the fire. They are characterized by rhythmic, cyclical style and repetition. In the process of creation, an ordinary and often widely accepted motif such as a petal takes on a new unusual form. I transform single motifs into installations in which
    the glaze, form and material become a complete component of the whole body.

    But not only the final design is my goal, but the fact of the porcelain processing, its physicality and almost meditative state. Through contact with the material, part of myself is imprinted into ceramics. The naturalness and nobility of my material are controlling elements. Each new form is not only a new creation but also a new challenge. I have to align myself with it. In it, I find my daily meditation, a defence against the tensions of this world, and a strength to keep going and share a positive message through my work. The physicality of the earth is an important motive for me, processing, changeability, cyclicity, accompany me from childhood.

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