Mandy White

My work showcases the results of merging a Graphic Artist with a modern Studio Potter.  My background in Graphics and AutoCAD draughting have been crucial to the development of my own style of working with clay producing a flamboyant style a little removed from the standard potter.  I use those different skills to aid in the designing of my work.  I fill sketch books with my initial ideas and use graphic drawing applications to aid in making templates for my own use.   I have an unstoppable desire to create beautiful and original ceramics, hence the incredible variety of work produced from carriage clocks to cow caricatures!

I have enjoyed many creative past times over the years but once introduced to clay and a potter’s wheel, that was it, I’ve been hooked ever since.  Making the move to full time potter / teacher almost 10 years now.  I cannot imagine ever losing my fascination for working with clay, it really is the most amazing medium for creativity.

I work with Stoneware clay for throwing and my own paperclay mix for hand-building. Firing to 1240°C in a large electric front loading kiln.   My decorating styles are varied using many traditional methods and I enjoy the process of making and testing glaze recipes.

Much of my work involves throwing on the potter’s wheel, an ancient skill which has long held a fascination to many and to which I am dedicated to spreading in popularity through the classes and courses I run from my studio.