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Marianthi Lainas

    Having spent most of my life living at the coastal edges of the land, my work is greatly informed by a sense of place and by my deep connection with the littoral landscape and its cycles of ebb and flow. My abstract cyanotype works are an emotional and expressive response to the dynamic, natural environment found on the tidal islands and estuary sands close to my Hoylake home.

    Each piece is created collaboratively with the elements; an imprint of the sea embedded into papers that have been exposed to waves, sand and sunlight. Back in the studio, mark-making, layering and collaging techniques are used to change the dynamic of these sea prints.

    Artists’ books form an important part of my practice, offering an alternative and individual approach to presenting collections of work, and copies of my handcrafted Collector’s Editions will be on display during the weekend.

    I exhibit regularly in solo and group shows across the UK, and am represented by galleries in the Midlands and Scotland. My first monograph, Sea Signatures, was published by Kozu Books in 2022. I am a co-founder of the LAKE gallery in West Kirby.

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