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Mark Reeves

    I am primarily an outdoor photographer and I only ever work with available light.  I am happiest photographing in our wilder places; in the mountains, on the coast and by lakes and rivers.

    Many of my photographs portray scenes in which the content has been made impressionistic or semi-abstract by means of one or more camera techniques.  These techniques include intentional movement of the camera while the shutter is open (ICM), creating multiple exposures and using improvised diffusers in front of the lens.  By using such methods to diffuse and degrade the images, the importance of recognisable structure within the scenes is minimised whilst light, texture and mood become emphasised.

    I also enjoy creating minimalist portrayals of the landscape; scenes comprising just a few simple components.  The calmness of such simple images reflects the calmness that descends upon me when I am working alone in the landscape.

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