Okechukwu Daniel Ugonna

I think what drives my work is a love of the buildings that we all coexist in. the connection between the bricks and mortar and how we use this shared space. Edifices can be things of beauty in themselves, but what brings them to life is how they are used by people. The implication of this use is something I try to bring out in my paintings of buildings in urban and suburban settings.

My hometown of Hoylake was the immediate inspiration for my love of the urban. My practice as it stands now, in terms of content, spans the UK and abroad. I am interested in ideas of home and away and similarity and difference.  Every town and city has its character; however, if you break down certain architectural elements the similarities become obvious; which is possibly why you can be dropped into any high street in England and know which country you are in. It is this tension that I am trying to bring out in my work.

I also paint portraits which provide a contrast to my work on landscape.