Pat Saxty

I come from an abundant place of colour, pattern and texture. Plants grew freely and vigorously in our garden covering every surface and all visiting birds and creatures got fed. My parents were both gardeners and makers and both endlessly inventive. A frequently asked question in our house was ‘what can we do with this?’- and the answers were often hilarious. We laughed a lot! And l was free to paint murals on my bedroom wall (thanks mum and dad) and
they encouraged me to go to art school. So l spent two years at Chester college of art and four years at Loughborough – happy days!

Since then my inventive creativity has taken many forms (especially useful when teaching l found!) and I’ve always felt the need to express the abundance of my childhood ‘magic garden’ in my work.  Mixed media (including collage and stitch) suits me perfectly and provides many interesting surprises.

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