Rob Davies

One of my on-going ‘projects’ or series of work is the creation and painting of landscapes that are like ‘new worlds’, but which dwell on a certain romanticism and ancient arcadian ideal. They have so far taken as their inspiration the kind of wild landscape that exists all around yet might be overlooked by people in a modern or semi-industrial world. As well as being a celebration of certain landscapes, it is also an acknowledgement of certain characters and imagery that can sometimes exist as contradictions and incongruities within this ‘unspoilt’ arcadia. These I collect as fragments to be arranged, via a semi-‘aleatoric’ approach, a little bit like actors in a play.

My work also consists of a lot of drawing and also narrative-based imagery that could be called illustrative.  I have prints for sale, as well as original paintings, and I am also creating small books based on mini narratives and some longer stories. I have exhibited around the UK, have work in UK and overseas collections, and have taken part in residencies in the Liverpool area.