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Slip & Tickle

    Amila Ranasinghe

    1 Kylemore Road, Oxton CH43 2HA

    Slip : a suspension of clay in water 
    Tickle : to touch lightly producing smiles and laughter

    I  produce ‘short runs’ of  decorative functional ware; useful, appealing products with a hand crafted feel. I hope to capture some of the joy I experience when working with these fabulous materials, which will  translate into a smile when the piece is used.

    I work principally with stoneware clay, which is versatile and strong, this allows me to make  pieces that can be used daily with confidence. For delicacy and refinement I employ porcelain, which is a delight to the eye and to use.

    The numerous colours and textures of clay, together with various methods of making and techniques for building and embellishing; the huge range of oxides, velvets,  glazes and lustres all provide limitless opportunities to be explored.

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