Slip & Tickle

Amila Ranasinghe

Slip : a suspension of clay in water 
Tickle : to touch lightly producing smiles and laughter

I first encountered potting in school; since then I have taken occasional classes and workshops. In 2017 I took  leave of absence from work  to explore clay and its endless possibilities and haven’t made it back to the office yet.

I  produce short runs of  decorative functional ware, the aim being to develop useful, appealing products with a hand crafted feel. I produce thrown and slab work using a variety of clays but mainly stoneware, which lends strength and provides numerous colour and texture options.  Coarse black sculpting clay used in combination with smooth stoneware slip produces fabulous food safe vessels. White and buff clays are excellent for vibrant colours and embossed decoration.  Porcelain, fine and translucent, is used for delicate cups, beakers and textured candle pots.

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