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Sue Holt

    Choosing a route through the endlessly exciting possibilities that ceramics offers isn’t easy. Always I had in mind that I wanted to find a way to represent the glorious skies and scenery we are blessed with along the Dee Estuary.

    Eventually I settled on hand building, using stoneware clay coloured with combinations of oxides and stains, then burnished or lightly clear glazed. This allows me to manipulate the clay to mimic the sandstone of Middle Eye and the shifting sand patterns at low tide. Adding an inlaid porcelain egret to a sunset makes me disproportionately happy. Mixing, drying and kiln testing the clay is a slow process, often taking many weeks, so mixing this with wheel thrown functional pots creates the opportunity to play with shapes and be more spontaneous. These are covered in a rippled blue glaze which is also reminiscent of the sea and sand.

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