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Sue Meyerhoff Sharples

    Sue’s paintings begin as a response to place and relate to her physical and emotional experience of the location. They consider the transitory view and unpredictable landscape due to environmental pollution and coastal erosion.

    It is the interaction of the elements which interest her, the rain, wind, sun on the land, sea and sky. She loves the freedom of working spontaneously on location, watching the changing moods of the view as slices of colour tear through the sky and reflect on the land or sea below.

    She enjoys exploring colour, form and space through the mediums of acrylic and oil paints. Acrylic being fast drying enables loose, spontaneous, expressive works describing sweeping brush strokes, whilst oil paints require a more considered application, enabling surface texture, mark-making, drawing by scratching into the surface. Areas of the painting often appear opaque, hinting at things hidden beneath deceptively simple representations of the environment.

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