Sue Meyerhoff-Sharples

An international visual artist based in the UK, I studied Fine Art at John Moores University, gaining a first class Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Previously Artist- Educator at Tate Gallery, Liverpool and project leader at Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Wirral, UK.

My paintings, prints and sculpture begin as a response to place and relate to my physical and emotional experience of location, social and industrial histories and events of place. It is the entirety of the subject, the interaction of the elements land, light, sea and sky which interests me the most.

Whilst painting ‘Coast’ my recent series of seascapes, I considered romantic notions of space and freedom but also the boundaries, the transitory view and unpredictable landscape of the coastal areas being in a constant state of flux due to coastal erosion.

I enjoy exploring colour, form and space through the medium of acrylic and oil paints, each with completely different qualities.  Acrylic, being fast drying, enables loose, spontaneous, expressive works describing the sweeping brush strokes, whilst with oil paints the application is more considered and about surface texture, mark-making and drawing by scratching into the surface. Areas of the painting often have a sense of opacity, hinting at things hidden beneath deceptively simple representations of the environment.  I am also interested in how colour can describe space and how it changes when positioned alongside other colours.