Susan Myers

Always having a keen interest in art I started painting in the 1980’s. In the early years I used watercolour and gouache, and then becoming more confident I ventured into oils and acrylics. Quite by accident I stumbled into painting on silk with specialist dyes. The vibrancy and free flowing of the dyes on silk gave way to a more contemporary style and my work became easily recognisable.

I specialise in flower based paintings and landscapes, both contemporary and traditional; large acrylics on canvas with bold colours alongside billowy watercolours. Painting on silk I found the fluidity and vibrancy of the colours creates spectacular pieces of art.

However watercolour is my preferred medium, I find it totally relaxing to sit with a sheet of watercolour paper and a box of paints and lose myself in a most enjoyable experience watching the mingling of pigment and paper giving at times the most unexpected conclusion to a journey with colour.