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Wendy Deverill

    I am a patchwork and quilter who works mainly with traditional cotton fabrics, sometimes hand-dyed.  Patchwork satisfies my need for precision, I love to design a quilt top then stitch it together knowing that with careful cutting, measuring and sewing all the pieces will fit together perfectly.  My quilts are all machine pieced and quilted; many have geometric designs which explore the use of colour and contrast, in particular optical illusions such as making straight lines appear curved or creating a 3 dimensional effect.

    I also produce smaller pieces of work inspired by the coast and landscape we are surrounded by, which use more experimental fabrics and techniques.

    In 2006 I opened a Patchwork shop and Teaching Studio in Lancashire, but since I retired in 2021 and moved home to the Wirral I have been enjoying more free time giving me the opportunity to create new pieces.