Zoe Olivia Pearson

Since taking a studio at Wellington Road a little over a year ago, my painting has evolved substantially. I have invested in developing my style and exploring what it is I most need to express. In this time my work has moved from bright abstracts to serene landscapes.

Recently I took up jogging again and skipping up and down Seacombe promenade changed everything. I quickly found myself more interested in snapping photos of Mersey views than getting faster. Much of my recent work has been inspired by these jaunts and explorations around Wirral and yonder.

I am fascinated by fleeting moments of beauty and how they slip away with subtle shifts of colour and light. Clouds gliding across the sky. The changing light of dawn or dusk. Sunlight dancing on water. My paintings attempt to capture the essence of these evanescent moments and evoke the stillness of their quiet perfection.

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