2019 Artists

Anjo Designs

Angela & John Hinchcliffe Angela and John Hinchcliffe are Anjo Designs, a husband and wife partnership based on the Wirral who combine the traditional methods of chainmail with modern designs… Read More »Anjo Designs

Bill Fletcher

After a career in accountancy and finance I was fortunate to be able to undertake a BA in Fine Art, graduating in 2015. During the course I developed a passion… Read More »Bill Fletcher

Carol Emmas

I work in two ways, in the first instance, photographically from textures that have been affected by the elements (such as oxidised metals and peeling paint), or from the elemental… Read More »Carol Emmas

Chrissie Smith

This year offers a new start to the closer study of local bird life using my telescope. I use sketches, mono prints and acrylic paints to help me adopt a… Read More »Chrissie Smith

Clare Watson

I have a BA hons  in Applied Art & Design from Glyndwr University in Wrexham where I specialised in ceramics. I also have a teaching diploma and I teach pottery… Read More »Clare Watson

David Jones

David’s paint, sketch and 3-dimensional works look toward metropolis, landscape, nature and decay. Working in ink pen with watercolour for more spontaneous pieces he works rapidly (more so depending on… Read More »David Jones

Elaine Hackett

I studied design, graphic design and specialised in illustration. I worked as an illustrator for a number of years with agent representation, then began selling my work directly to the… Read More »Elaine Hackett

Graham Thew

Graham works primarily in watercolour with both a traditional approach and an eye for experimentation. He also uses printing, linocuts, coloured pencil and pen and ink as an outlet for… Read More »Graham Thew

HeB Designs

Helen Elizabeth Brown A freelance artist since 2011 with an early education in art and design, textiles and my degree in graphic design. I am from Hoylake on the Wirral,… Read More »HeB Designs

Helen Smith

I work with kiln formed glass, creating contemporary glass art and accessories inspired by my regular walks along the Wirral shore. Many of my glass pieces have a beautifully tactile… Read More »Helen Smith

Janine Pinion

I’m a watercolour painter exploring light and tone in remembered or imagined landscapes. Over time my working practice has become a space for reflection and engagement with the natural flow… Read More »Janine Pinion

Jenny Bache

I am a Botanical Illustrator. For me a walk is an exploration of discovery, finding treasures that many folks miss. Then I sit down to draw and record what I… Read More »Jenny Bache

Jenny Dunlop

Jenny’s unique style is fun and colourful, combining watercolours with fabrics, machine stitching and added sparkle. She is known for her quirky interpretations of the family pet, local landmarks and… Read More »Jenny Dunlop

Jo Burton

I am experienced sculptor and wood carving tutor who lives and works on the Wirral. I use traditional hand carving techniques to create beautiful, tactile, unique carvings. This year I… Read More »Jo Burton

Jo Smith

Having been home more, I’ve had the opportunity to regularly sketch outdoors and this has changed my approach to my painting, giving me a deeper sense of connection to nature.… Read More »Jo Smith

Jo Vickers

Though often mistaken for digital art from a distance, my work is painstakingly hand painted with bold, even colour and crisp lines. My work is graphic in style, playful and… Read More »Jo Vickers

Julie Campbell

Artist Julie Campbell works from her studio on the Wirral. She studied at university and graduated with a BA(Hons) Fine Art. Julie’s main art practice is painting, and the artwork… Read More »Julie Campbell

Karen Lawrence

I turned to photography as an emotional crutch when my mum was diagnosed with cancer; as her carer it was important for me to have something solely for myself, so… Read More »Karen Lawrence

Karen Lester

Karen Lester is a Contemporary Jewellery Artist graduating with an MA from the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2016. Her work crosses boundaries between Fine Art, Sculpture and Jewellery. Utilising… Read More »Karen Lester

Linda Edward

Originally from Bristol, I have lived on the Wirral for over thirty years and work from my home studio. I paint in oils on canvas finding inspiration from the estuary… Read More »Linda Edward

Margi Adams

I grew up on the Wirral Peninsula and initially worked in healthcare and pharmaceutical market research in London and Toronto. However, my free time was spent creating and studying art,… Read More »Margi Adams

Susan Myers

I began painting and exhibiting my work in the 1980s, firstly in Art Space in Liverpool with some success, giving me the confidence to exhibit throughout the north-west and Wales.… Read More »Susan Myers

Alexandra Edwards

Hairy Pear Press With major organic and scientific themes my work is predominantly observational, celebrating the detail of the everyday. It is mindfulness in art. I am fascinated by natural… Read More »Alexandra Edwards

Angela Stringer

I work with natural colour in the form of dyes and locally sourced pigments applied to silk fabrics. These pieces are then embellished in ways that are reminiscent of patterns… Read More »Angela Stringer

Anna Clark

I graduated as a mature student in 2014 with a degree in Fine Art from Wirral Metropolitan College, followed by a year’s Fellowship. Since then I have exhibited in a… Read More »Anna Clark

Barbara Lamb

Meditation in Motion.Having spent a weekend making Enso circles with Tashi Mannox (Buddhist monk), I experienced the impact of mark making through emotion. The process of applying the ink after… Read More »Barbara Lamb

Carla Pownall

I left school at 16 and found my dream job … a potters apprentice – which I did for 7 years while getting married and having the children. I always… Read More »Carla Pownall

Dennis Spicer

I am a still life painter using oil paints. My main subject is still life with the occasional landscape. Most of my recent paintings consist of natural forms that reflect… Read More »Dennis Spicer

Derek King

The work is really a series of investigations. From landscapes, through sculpture, seascapes and figurative work, Derek is constantly seeking to resolve the relationship between  colour, line and space. The… Read More »Derek King

Emma Johnston

I am a mixed media artist, originally from Birmingham, and now settled in West Kirby and loving being in such an embracing community. I studied Textile Design at De Montfort… Read More »Emma Johnston

Fiona Haines

Wise Fig Jewellery An eye surgeon by day, jeweller and lapidary by night, designing and creating jewellery gives me immense pleasure, which I hope comes across in my work. All… Read More »Fiona Haines

Geoff Owens

I work in a variety of styles and enjoy using a different mediums including ink, watercolour, acrylic, pastel both soft and oil and occasionally oil paints. I strive to bring… Read More »Geoff Owens

George Evans

I’m a self-taught photographer producing pictorial style photographic artwork as prints and gift cards. The subject matter ranges from landscapes to architecture, wildlife and flowers but I specialise in digital… Read More »George Evans

Helon Conning

As an artist my main goal is to encourage and support all within the community to find their innate creativity and to embrace the peaceful ‘in the moment’ experience, using… Read More »Helon Conning

Jane Bell

After graduating in Design, I worked for many years as a designer/maker of stained glass. I retrained in computer graphics, got a job working on a Mac and have never… Read More »Jane Bell

Janet Ewing

I have a passion for painting. I love to get straight on to the canvas and work quite quickly. Oil is my favourite, although for quickness, I have been using… Read More »Janet Ewing

Janet Holmes

Janet Holmes, a sculptural ceramicist, whose work is deeply rooted in a respect for the clay’s natural economy, incorporating textures that suggest intimate and sensuous curves. Janet has exhibited her… Read More »Janet Holmes

Jean Maskell

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and writer using paint, clay, photography and words to explore themes. I have taken part in over twenty exhibitions and am a published writer in… Read More »Jean Maskell

Jo Williams

Making ceramics is a long process that involves many stages before reaching the finished piece. I focus on the form at the beginning of that process which gathers momentum and… Read More »Jo Williams

Joanne Frankel

Joanne Frankel is a textile artist based in South Wirral, Cheshire. Originally from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and still a place she very much regards as home, Joanne… Read More »Joanne Frankel

Kris Heath

Kris cuts into recycled paper and bird feathers using scalpels and a laser cutter. The feathers are often sourced from local birds – pigeons, jays, pheasants, jackdaws and gulls, but… Read More »Kris Heath

Laura Heath

I am a visual artist, working currently with photography, I like my images to capture texture and detail whilst telling their story. I carefully light my scenes to not just… Read More »Laura Heath

Linda Mary Evans

I am a Wirral based contemporary painter and felt artist. Since graduating with a BA(Hons)Fine Art degree, I have concentrated mainly on exploring the slate mining area of North Wales.… Read More »Linda Mary Evans

Lindsey Gaulter

I have continued to develop my paintings, since graduating from the University of Plymouth in 1999. I began painting urban traffic and crowd scenes that have recently evolved and pushed… Read More »Lindsey Gaulter

Lorna Soar

I am a contemporary felt artist living and working on Wirral. I create vibrantly colourful felt pictures, hand crafted using traditional wet felting techniques combined with hand stitching. Felt-making is… Read More »Lorna Soar

Marie Louise Williams

Beauty enriches our world in ways that cannot be counted. The inspiring, robust suppleness and adaptability of willow, magically transforms into resilient, radiant structures that nurture, enrich and support our… Read More »Marie Louise Williams

Mary Bryning

After studying for Art A level in textiles as a mature student, I completed the City and Guilds course in creative textiles, but have only been producing my own work… Read More »Mary Bryning

Nicky Perrin

The physicality of creating expressive and experimental work is at the core of my artistic practice. Engaging with the materiality of the mediums I use; be it paint, ink, charcoal… Read More »Nicky Perrin

Rob Soar

Defined by graphic shape, strong colour and black outlines, my artwork  has a distinctive and recognisable style and energy.During my long career as a Chartered Surveyor I’ve enjoyed buildings, drawing… Read More »Rob Soar

Sue Barnes

Sue Barnes lives and works at Shore Cottage Studio on Thurstaston Beach. She studied Fashion and Textile Design at Liverpool John Moores University as a mature student, graduating in 2002.… Read More »Sue Barnes

Vicky Evans

I use photography to change the original form of objects in nature, like flowers, trees and landscapes. Using a range of different methods, I distort or combine images to give… Read More »Vicky Evans

Victoria Smyth

My work is abstract, expressive and experimental. Painting with an assortment of tools and using a variety of contrasting and complementary colours, I adopt a free and instinctive range of… Read More »Victoria Smyth