MAAP Studio

I call my works elementary materials, transformed particles that take shape thanks to the art of the fire. They are characterized by rhythmic, cyclical style and repetition. In the process… Read More »MAAP Studio

Clare Watson

I have a BA hons  in Applied Art & Design from Glyndwr University in Wrexham where I specialised in ceramics. I also have a teaching diploma and I teach pottery… Read More »Clare Watson

Denise Dooley

Denise studied as a mature student at Chester University, gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art and Computer Science.  She has been a practicing ceramic artist for the past 4… Read More »Denise Dooley

Jude Gill

Ceramic Organic I make decorative ceramic pieces inspired by hidden or overlooked details. My favourite explorations are of natural structures like mushroom gills and barnacles.Visiting woodland and coastline I gather… Read More »Jude Gill

Karen Lester

Karen Lester is a Contemporary Jewellery Artist graduating with an MA from the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2016. Her work crosses boundaries between Fine Art, Sculpture and Jewellery. Utilising… Read More »Karen Lester

Rachel Peters

I have always loved interior design and architecture and wanted to make beautiful things to enhance peoples living spaces. I enjoy the harmony of natural soft forms, biomorphic rounded shapes… Read More »Rachel Peters

Slip & Tickle

Amila Ranasinghe Slip : a suspension of clay in water Tickle : to touch lightly producing smiles and laughter I first encountered potting in school; since then I have taken occasional… Read More »Slip & Tickle

Carla Pownall

I left school at 16 and found my dream job … a potters apprentice – which I did for 7 years while getting married and having the children. I always… Read More »Carla Pownall

Janet Holmes

Janet Holmes, a sculptural ceramicist, whose work is deeply rooted in a respect for the clay’s natural economy, incorporating textures that suggest intimate and sensuous curves. Janet has exhibited her… Read More »Janet Holmes

Jo Williams

Making ceramics is a long process that involves many stages before reaching the finished piece. I focus on the form at the beginning of that process which gathers momentum and… Read More »Jo Williams

Matthew Hughes

Tae Hoon Ceramics I started my ceramics journey in Seoul and I have spent the past 7 years studying and teaching ceramics. I like to create functional and decorative pieces… Read More »Matthew Hughes