Contemporary Artist

Alison Butler

I work in a variety of mediums at present, enjoying learning new techniques and exploring different styles; however, my love of architecture always pulls my back to exploring the same… Read More »Alison Butler

Amanda Oliphant

Inspiration for my work primarily comes from the desire to further explore our relationships with nature, painting either outside or back in my studio. Although visually quite abstract, I aim… Read More »Amanda Oliphant

Angela Byrne

My work starts with the drawn line using pencil and chalks. Recent developments have used acrylic paints, water based oils, pastel and experiments with egg tempera. Repeating themes, especially in… Read More »Angela Byrne

Graham Thew

Graham works primarily in watercolour with both a traditional approach and an eye for experimentation. He also uses printing, linocuts, coloured pencil and pen and ink as an outlet for… Read More »Graham Thew

Jessica Slack

Jessica Slack is a contemporary abstract artist mostly inspired by colour and nature. Jessica’s paintings capture feelings of joy, wonder and freedom, reflected in her bold use of colour, texture… Read More »Jessica Slack

Julie Campbell

Artist Julie Campbell works from her studio on the Wirral. She studied at university and graduated with a BA(Hons) Fine Art. Julie’s main art practice is painting, and the artwork… Read More »Julie Campbell

Lesley Weyman

I am a self-taught contemporary artist who loves to paint our beautiful coastline.  I am inspired by nature, the sea and big dramatic skies.  My art is constantly evolving as… Read More »Lesley Weyman

Pamela Stokes

Training in Brighton at a time when art colleges disapproved of life drawing “why draw when you can take a photograph!” I became part of a group of guerrilla life… Read More »Pamela Stokes

Scott McNally

Hello, my name is Scott, and I am a fine artist living and working on the Wirral, specialising in all subjects including portraiture, wildlife, pet art and architecture. I use… Read More »Scott McNally

Arden Robinson

I currently work with a range of material seeking ways in which to explore and present an analysis and expression of human emotion. My work can be challenging.

Corinne Price

Price’s practice delves into the beginnings of life and consciousness. Through an exploration of cellular structures and simple organisms, she invites the viewer to recognise the familiar within the unfamiliar,… Read More »Corinne Price

Derek King

The work is really a series of investigations. From landscapes, through sculpture, seascapes and figurative work, Derek is constantly seeking to resolve the relationship between  colour, line and space. The… Read More »Derek King

Helon Conning

As an artist my main goal is to encourage and support all within the community to find their innate creativity and to embrace the peaceful ‘in the moment’ experience, using… Read More »Helon Conning

Linda Mary Evans

I am a Wirral based contemporary painter and felt artist. Since graduating with a BA(Hons)Fine Art degree, I have concentrated mainly on exploring the slate mining area of North Wales.… Read More »Linda Mary Evans

Lindsey Gaulter

I have continued to develop my paintings, since graduating from the University of Plymouth in 1999. I began painting urban traffic and crowd scenes that have recently evolved and pushed… Read More »Lindsey Gaulter

Nicky Perrin

The physicality of creating expressive and experimental work is at the core of my artistic practice. Engaging with the materiality of the mediums I use; be it paint, ink, charcoal… Read More »Nicky Perrin

Rob Soar

Defined by graphic shape, strong colour and black outlines, my artwork  has a distinctive and recognisable style and energy.During my long career as a Chartered Surveyor I’ve enjoyed buildings, drawing… Read More »Rob Soar