Elaine Hackett

I studied design, graphic design and specialised in illustration. I worked as an illustrator for a number of years with agent representation, then began selling my work directly to the… Read More »Elaine Hackett

Graham Thew

Graham works primarily in watercolour with both a traditional approach and an eye for experimentation. He also uses printing, linocuts, coloured pencil and pen and ink as an outlet for… Read More »Graham Thew

HeB Designs

Helen Elizabeth Brown A freelance artist since 2011 with an early education in art and design, textiles and my degree in graphic design. I am from Hoylake on the Wirral,… Read More »HeB Designs

Jeff Adams

At the moment my work is mostly graphic work in pen and ink, making drawings of trees and landscapes, and I am particularly interested in depicting iconic trees in West… Read More »Jeff Adams

Jenny Bache

I am a Botanical Illustrator. For me a walk is an exploration of discovery, finding treasures that many folks miss. Then I sit down to draw and record what I… Read More »Jenny Bache

Jenny Dunlop

Jenny’s unique style is fun and colourful, combining watercolours with fabrics, machine stitching and added sparkle. She is known for her quirky interpretations of the family pet, local landmarks and… Read More »Jenny Dunlop

Scott McNally

Hello, my name is Scott and I am a professional artist living and working on the Wirral. I have run my own fine art business since 2015. I have had… Read More »Scott McNally

Alexandra Edwards

Hairy Pear Press With major organic and scientific themes my work is predominantly observational, celebrating the detail of the everyday. It is mindfulness in art. I am fascinated by natural… Read More »Alexandra Edwards

Geoff Owens

I work in a variety of styles and enjoy using a different mediums including ink, watercolour, acrylic, pastel both soft and oil and occasionally oil paints. I strive to bring… Read More »Geoff Owens

Janet Ewing

I have a passion for painting. I love to get straight on to the canvas and work quite quickly. Oil is my favourite, although for quickness, I have been using… Read More »Janet Ewing

Rob D Davies

The main two series’ of work that I focus on are what I call ‘Mythic Spaces’ and ‘Sacred Groves’, which both take landscape as inspiration. There is an incongruity and… Read More »Rob D Davies