Interdisciplinary Artist

Ann Lewis

As an artist who has a great appreciation of multiple art practices, it seems that I have latched myself firmly into the drawing process. I have spent time recently experimenting… Read More »Ann Lewis

Breda Whyte

I work in a variety of media; often with a conceptual approach. I try to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way and believe in the idea… Read More »Breda Whyte

David Jones

David’s paint, sketch and 3-dimensional works look toward metropolis, landscape, nature and decay. Working in ink pen with watercolour for more spontaneous pieces he works rapidly (more so depending on… Read More »David Jones

Gaynor Davies

My artworks are a blend of photography and digital art, resulting in a part-real and part-imagined landscape.Inspired by my passion for colour and mood, my work brings together my love… Read More »Gaynor Davies

Julie Evans

Originally trained as a Graphic Designer, I then followed a different path which took me into teaching on the Wirral, where I still live. Happily, I’ve managed to balance a… Read More »Julie Evans

Geoff Owens

I work in a variety of styles and enjoy using a different mediums including ink, watercolour, acrylic, pastel both soft and oil and occasionally oil paints. I strive to bring… Read More »Geoff Owens

Jean Maskell

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and writer using paint, clay, photography and words to explore themes. I have taken part in over twenty exhibitions and am a published writer in… Read More »Jean Maskell

Kat Croker

Over the past few months my work has become more sculptural allowing me to build fantasy creatures from scratch using clay to sculpt heads and wire and fabric to assemble… Read More »Kat Croker