Carol Emmas

I work in two ways, in the first instance, photographically from textures that have been affected by the elements (such as oxidised metals and peeling paint), or from the elemental… Read More »Carol Emmas

Gaynor Davies

My artworks are a blend of photography and digital art, resulting in a part-real and part-imagined landscape.Inspired by my passion for colour and mood, my work brings together my love… Read More »Gaynor Davies

Karen Lawrence

I turned to photography as an emotional crutch when my mum was diagnosed with cancer; as her carer it was important for me to have something solely for myself, so… Read More »Karen Lawrence

Mark Reeves

I am primarily an outdoor photographer and I only ever work with available light.  I am happiest photographing in our wilder places; in the mountains, on the coast and by… Read More »Mark Reeves

Simon Purcell

Simon Joseph Photography I am a Wirral-based photographer & trained drone pilot. I love the stunning Wirral coastline and capturing its beauty as it changes throughout the seasons and I… Read More »Simon Purcell

George Evans

I’m a self-taught photographer producing pictorial style photographic artwork as prints and gift cards. The subject matter ranges from landscapes to architecture, wildlife and flowers but I specialise in digital… Read More »George Evans

Laura Heath

I am a visual artist, working currently with photography, I like my images to capture texture and detail whilst telling their story. I carefully light my scenes to not just… Read More »Laura Heath

Vicky Evans

I use photography to change the original form of objects in nature, like flowers, trees and landscapes. Using a range of different methods, I distort or combine images to give… Read More »Vicky Evans

Victoria Smyth

My work is abstract, expressive and experimental. Painting with an assortment of tools and using a variety of contrasting and complementary colours, I adopt a free and instinctive range of… Read More »Victoria Smyth