Sue Watson

Observation is the starting point for my work, studying the human figure during life drawing sessions and sketching my local surroundings. I am often inspired by textures, patterns or effects… Read More »Sue Watson

Jessie Evans

I create Lino prints and a lot of my work is inspired by local landscapes. I started printmaking three years ago and now work from my little garden shed which… Read More »Jessie Evans

Gill Curry

Gill studied Art and Contemporary Dance in London and pursued a career in teaching Art and Design followed by studying for an MA in Printmaking. Gill shares printmaking facilities at… Read More »Gill Curry

Graham Thew

Graham works primarily in watercolour with both a traditional approach and an eye for experimentation. He also uses printing, linocuts, coloured pencil and pen and ink as an outlet for… Read More »Graham Thew

Ken Burnley

The Museum of Printing Ken has spent all his life in the printing industry as a compositor and typographer. He has helped set up the Museum of Printing within Amorini… Read More »Ken Burnley

Laura Weston

I am an applied artist and printmaker.  My work is inspired by the natural world and this wonderful coastal location – it is often very joyful, highly decorative, populated by… Read More »Laura Weston

Alexandra Edwards

Hairy Pear Press With major organic and scientific themes my work is predominantly observational, celebrating the detail of the everyday. It is mindfulness in art. I am fascinated by natural… Read More »Alexandra Edwards

Angela Hinchcliffe

Angela, who is best known as the jewellery designer half of Anjo Designs, is also a printmaker, combining linocut and mono printing techniques. For this year’s WOST, Angela is resting… Read More »Angela Hinchcliffe

Anna Clark

I graduated as a mature student in 2014 with a degree in Fine Art from Wirral Metropolitan College, followed by a year’s Fellowship. Since then I have exhibited in a… Read More »Anna Clark

Clare Flinn

Clare’s work reflects her love of the wilder landscapes of the UK and her native Ireland.  She is predominantly a painter, emphasising colour and light in her work.  Texture and… Read More »Clare Flinn

Corinne Price

Price’s practice delves into the beginnings of life and consciousness. Through an exploration of cellular structures and simple organisms, she invites the viewer to recognise the familiar within the unfamiliar,… Read More »Corinne Price

Jane Bell

After graduating in Design, I worked for many years as a designer/maker of stained glass. I retrained in computer graphics, got a job working on a Mac and have never… Read More »Jane Bell