Jacob Chan

My work is a combination of wheel thrown and figurative vessels that are heavily based around my cultural background and heritage. My ceramics are soda fired in a gas kiln… Read More »Jacob Chan

MAAP Studio

I call my works elementary materials, transformed particles that take shape thanks to the art of the fire. They are characterized by rhythmic, cyclical style and repetition. In the process… Read More »MAAP Studio

Bill Fletcher

After a career in accountancy and finance I was fortunate to be able to undertake a BA in Fine Art, graduating in 2015. During the course I developed a passion… Read More »Bill Fletcher

David Jones

David’s paint, sketch and 3-dimensional works look toward metropolis, landscape, nature and decay. Working in ink pen with watercolour for more spontaneous pieces he works rapidly (more so depending on… Read More »David Jones

Jo Burton

I am experienced sculptor and wood carving tutor who lives and works on the Wirral. I use traditional hand carving techniques to create beautiful, tactile, unique carvings. This year I… Read More »Jo Burton

Derek King

The work is really a series of investigations. From landscapes, through sculpture, seascapes and figurative work, Derek is constantly seeking to resolve the relationship between¬† colour, line and space. The… Read More »Derek King

Marie Louise Williams

Beauty enriches our world in ways that cannot be counted. The inspiring, robust suppleness and adaptability of willow, magically transforms into resilient, radiant structures that nurture, enrich and support our… Read More »Marie Louise Williams