Visual Artist

Sue Watson

Observation is the starting point for my work, studying the human figure during life drawing sessions and sketching my local surroundings. I am often inspired by textures, patterns or effects… Read More »Sue Watson

Julie McLean

I am a professional artist and tutor providing classes and workshops in my studio/gallery in South Wirral. I work mainly in watercolours, acrylics and mixed media, inspired by mountains, moorlands… Read More »Julie McLean

Landlines Studio

Angela Stringer & Nicky Perrin Through the marrying of their individual creative practices, textile artist Angela Stringer and abstract artist Nicky Perrin create mixed media artworks which are grounded in… Read More »Landlines Studio

Ling Warlow

Paper by Dragonfly Ling Warlow is a self taught visual artist working primarily using paper as a medium to represent botanical forms through sculpture. As well as found materials, Ling… Read More »Ling Warlow

Rae Howard

The essence of my work is to draw what is going on around me; my intention is to capture the energy of a subject in a celebratory portrayal of life… Read More »Rae Howard

Simon Purcell

Simon Joseph Photography I am a Wirral-based photographer & trained drone pilot. I love the stunning Wirral coastline and capturing its beauty as it changes throughout the seasons and I… Read More »Simon Purcell

Jane Bell

After graduating in Design, I worked for many years as a designer/maker of stained glass. I retrained in computer graphics, got a job working on a Mac and have never… Read More »Jane Bell

Joanne Frankel

Joanne Frankel is a textile artist based in South Wirral, Cheshire. Originally from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and still a place she very much regards as home, Joanne… Read More »Joanne Frankel

Kris Heath

Kris cuts into recycled paper and bird feathers using scalpels and a laser cutter. The feathers are often sourced from local birds – pigeons, jays, pheasants, jackdaws and gulls, but… Read More »Kris Heath

Laura Heath

I am a visual artist, working currently with photography, I like my images to capture texture and detail whilst telling their story. I carefully light my scenes to not just… Read More »Laura Heath

Victoria Smyth

My work is abstract, expressive and experimental. Painting with an assortment of tools and using a variety of contrasting and complementary colours, I adopt a free and instinctive range of… Read More »Victoria Smyth

Emma Dromgoole

I am a trained fine artist and teacher of art who now is concentrating on developing my own work. Colour is very important for expressing the energy and mood of… Read More »Emma Dromgoole